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Donating Objects to the Museum

Museums enable people to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. They collect, safeguard and make accessible artefacts which they hold in trust for society.

Claremont Museum always appreciates donations that will enhance the breadth and depth of our collections. The Museum accepts items that relate to the following periods:

Pre-European settlement to the present in Claremont and the surrounding Freshwater Bay area;

The Museum also has an Education Collection containing items that are not necessarily directly related to the history of the area but reflect the known social and cultural environment of the district and can be used hands – on in Public Programme activities.

We look forward to meeting prospective donors and adding significant objects to our collections. The following steps will guide you through our collection procedures:

  1. Collect as much information as possible about your donation, including history of ownership (provenance), age, condition, stories associated etc.
  2.  Download and complete an object donation form.
  3. Contact the Museum either via email on or  by phone on 9285 4300 to discuss your proposed gift with Museum staff.
  4. Museum staff will discuss the donation with the Museum Curator and will then contact the donor regarding the status of their proposed donation.
  5. If an object is approved by the Museum Curator, Museum staff will accession the object and provide the donor with a signed letter confirming the legal transfer to the museum. If not accepted, the proposed donation will be returned to the donor.

Limited storage space, significance (aesthetic, scientific, social, rarity. spiritual), duplication of objects in the collection, and the condition of the offered piece affect our decision to accept an object.

Please do not drop off objects without first contacting the museum – we want to make sure that your potential gift is properly identified and cared for.

Expression of Interest for Donations


Thank you for offering the objects/photographs described below to our Museum. The Museum will consider receiving them into the Collection and we will contact you with our decision.

Please provide as much information, including family lineage, about the object/s as possible as this will increase its importance. If you are in doubt please write “unknown.”

1. Description/name of each donated item/photograph:

2. Who was the owner, including relationship to Donor? / Who took the photograph?

3. When and where was it owned/used by this person? / When was the photo taken?

4. What is its history prior to and since this ownership?

5. Any other information? (Eg., who made the object, unusual uses, family lineage.)

Please enter the following text in the box below:

Official Donation Forms

Donation Form 2022

Loan Form 2022