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To search a wide range of newspapers, books, photographs and other online resources:

To search Western Australian Post Office Directories from 1893-1949:

To search online indexes for Western Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages:

To search for burial records in the Perth Metropolitan area:

To search the Government records in the State Records Office of Western Australia, use the on-line catalogue.  This will assist with searching a wide range of subject areas including convicts and transportation , education and school records, residents of  Perth Old Men’s  Home (Sunset Hospital), maps and plans.

Assistance in researching Aboriginal history and society, including family history is provided at the State Records Office:

The Police Gazette is available on-line from the State Library of Western Australia Battye Library’s site. These documents are a valuable resource for researching police and criminals in Western Australia from 1876 to 1900.

The Grove Library in Cottesloe lists numerous sites which may be useful for Historical research and Community History.