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Claremont Museum

The building at 66 Victoria Avenue, now part of the Claremont Museum complex, has functioned since it was built in 1862, as a school, a place of religious worship, a boarding house, police station and residence for police officers. In 1975 it was opened as the Town of Claremont’s Claremont Museum, the first Council initiated museum in Western Australia. A permanent exhibition tells the story of the Noongar connection to the land and to Freshwater Bay and the many uses of the original building.

School Days

Visit the Claremont Museum to explore how schooling has changed over the last one hundred years in Claremont and its surrounding areas.

Western Suburbs at War

Visit the Claremont Museum to explore the impact of war on the western suburbs. The exhibition has been developed to commemorate the centenary of the First World war.

The Boat Shed

The historic boat shed on the Freshwater Bay foreshore is a key part of the Claremont Museum. It was donated to the Museum by the Mews family and moved from its Victoria Avenue site to its current location in 1996.


From December 2011 to February 2012 the Claremont Museum’s schoolroom became a wetland. Claremont hosted Museums Australia WA’s Year of Biodiversity Project, an exhibition entitled Wetlands – from Bunyip to Beautiful. Objects from the Museum’s collection and wetland plants told the story of changing understanding of the role of wetlands.