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The programs offered cater for all years 1 to 12. The programs are operated both indoors and outdoors and the program is designed so that small groups of students participate in Museum activities in allocated areas where they are led by our trained teachers and volunteers. Programs can be designed to meet the specific needs of classes and it is suggested that visiting teachers discuss needs with our staff.

The Programs are particularly suited to the History Curriculum requirements for Years 1 to 6.

They address key areas of historical knowledge and understanding including the following:

  • Present and past family life (Year 1)
  • Stories other people tell about the past (Year 2)
  • How stories of the past are communicated, ie the use of photographs, artefacts, books, oral histories, digital media and museum objects (Year 1-6)
  • How life has changed over time, changing technology, communication, recreation (Year 2)
  • The history of a significant person,  building and site or environment of significance (Year 2)
  • Who lived here first, the importance of country and place to Aboriginal people, life of Aboriginal people, connection with the Swan River (Year 3)
  • Celebrations and commemorations (Year 1-2)
  • Life in colonial Perth, a convict presence, environmental change (Year 5)

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