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Thank you for your visit back in time at the Claremont Museum.  We hope that you and your students found the excursion enjoyable and educational.

Please feel free to download and copy the student’s Feedback Form to use in the classroom. We love to receive copies of these at our museum if you are able to mail them to us!

If you could also please take the time to fill in the teacher’s Feedback Form, below, we would really appreciate it. Your input helps us to conduct the best program possible for your students.

How does our program fit into the learning areas in your classroom?

Which activity did you consider to have been the most useful to fulfil your learning outcomes?

Which activity was the most popular with the children?

Are there any other activities or information the museum could offer to improve your visit and learning outcomes?

Do you have any comments about the booking procedure?

Any other comments? Constructive comments are always greatly valued.

Please enter the following text in the box below: