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Ink bottle side onInk pen and inkwellInk Dispenser

This packet of powdered ink was found in a store room at the Churchlands Senior High School in 1977 by the Deputy Principal at that time. Churchlands was opened in 1962. Ink was still in use at schools in the 1960s as fountain pens were widely used until the introduction of biro pens. Biros became well established as a writing implement in schools by the 1970s.

Ink powder was mixed with water to make ink. The powdered form made it easily transportable and ensured that precious ink was not wasted as it was an expensive item. Ink was used in all forms of commerce and personal correspondence as well as in schools. Only older children who were well versed in the art of handwriting were permitted to use ink. Younger students had to practice their writing skills on slates or use pencils.