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Claremont School of Art

The Claremont Technical College in Princess Road Claremont was established in 1964. Four years later it housed the popular Fine Arts courses from Perth Technical College. It expanded and grew in popularity, with art history, painting, ceramics, china painting, silverwork, textiles and sculpture being just a few of the courses offered.

Public outcry and a large community meeting followed the Government cost cutting decision to close the Claremont Technical College in 1981. The life of the popular facility was extended when it became an annexe of the Wembley Technical College. Renamed the Claremont School of Art, it was supported by a community led Foundation.

Students were encouraged to make and put their art works to auction as a celebration the 25th anniversary of the Art School.  Ros Barry’s [Carnival of Art] was auctioned and bought by Rosemary Hunter