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Volunteer Opportunities

Members of our local communities play an important part in protecting the valuable heritage of the Freshwater Bay area. Working alongside paid staff, volunteers enrich and extend the services, skills and resources that the museum can offer to the community. We invite you to contact us and become a volunteer. You do not need a knowledge of Freshwater Bay’s history to be animportant part of our volunteer group.

Our volunteers include people of all ages, abilities, educational levels and employment backgrounds. Whether assisting with our award winning education program or working on collection management, volunteers are important at the Freshwater Bay Museum. All volunteers will receive some basic orientation and training. Specialized areas will require additional training.

Although there is some flexibility, volunteers must be able to commit to a time, usually one day or morning / afternoon per week for a minimum of three months.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Education Program Assistant – Aid the museum educators and interact with schoolchildren during museum education programs (Tuesdays and/or Thursdays during school hours)

The Museum does not currently require volunteers for the positions below but is still seeking those who are interested in participating in the Education Program.

Boatshed Museum Guide – Interact with visitors as you assist in helping them view the historic Boatshed. Preferably you will have some knowledge of boatbuilding and boatbuilding tools. (Weekends)

Archives – Assist in processing materials housed in the Archives and/or process new materials for the archive (weekdays only). Basic computer skills necessary.

Collections – Aid museum curator /staff with collections projects, such as accessioning, inventory, cataloguing, and collections care (weekdays only)

Special Events – Help to organise our special programs and events

Volunteer Form

Freshwater Bay Museum has a number of volunteers who participate in a range of activities that assist the Museum in its goal to preserve and promote the heritage of the Freshwater Bay area. Our volunteers range in age from high school students to seniors and all received some basic orientation and training. There is flexibility in participation times however it is beneficial to both the Museum and the volunteer if a commitment of a three months is undertaken.

Please tick the area or areas you are interested in working in:

Day Preferred

Time Commitment

I acknowledge and understand that I am making a commitment as a volunteer for a minimum
of three month period to the Museum with some time flexibility throughout the duration.

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Volunteer Opportunities